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Soap Ilumi Bottle Dispenser Motion-Activated Nightlight

Soap Ilumi Bottle Dispenser Motion-Activated Nightlight

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Motion-activated LED illuminated soap dispenser

Soap Ilumi  is the clever soap dispenser that’s also a calming, motion-activated night light. With a choice of seven soothing colours, the motion sensor in Soap Ilumi  detects your approach in the dark and comes on from up to ten feet away, giving you a relaxing night light to wash your hands by, that won’t disturb your sleepy state as much as a bright overhead light can. It stays lit while you wash and then for another 30 seconds after you’re finished, giving you time to return to your bed and get back to sleep. Soap Ilumi  can be easily filled with any clear hand wash, shampoo, conditioner or hand sanitiser which then acts as a light diffuser, spreading the warm, relaxing light around the room.

Gives a calming glow to help avoid sleep disruption

Getting into a calm, restful state isn’t always easy, so the last thing you need is to have that peaceful tranquillity shattered by harsh, bright overhead ceiling lights, especially in a tiled bathroom or kitchen where light can be even brighter as it bounces off shiny tiles. When you enter a room with Soap Ilumi  in it, you’re welcomed by a warm, relaxing coloured glow that guides you in the dark and offers enough light to see by without glaring in your eyes and breaking your sleep state.

Motion-activated light up to 10ft/3m away

The low-energy, battery-powered lights in Soap Ilumi  are controlled by a motion sensor as well as a light sensor. This means that they won’t come on until the light levels are low enough, and the room is dark enough to warrant having a light on, and it won’t come on until someone enters the room, up to ten feet away. This way you save on battery power from unnecessary lighting.

7 Soothing colours to choose from

Because everybody likes different colours and every bathroom or kitchen is different, Soap Ilumi  has seven comforting, glowing colours to choose from: Blue, Pink, White, Lime, Violet, Red and Green. This way your kids can have their favourite coloured lights before bed that could help turn their bedtime routine into a cool, relaxing, fun experience!

  • Colour:


  • Batteries:

    Requires 3 x AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

  • Dimensions:

    Pack: 12.1x8.3x24.5cm Unit: 7x7x22cm

  • Set includes:

    1 x Soap Dispenser Nightlight

  • Capacity:

    400 ml

  • Cleaning care:

    Clean with a damp cloth or sponge only. Never use any aggressive, abrasive or toxic cleaning agents for cleaning.

  • Weights:

    Gross: 220g / Net: 120g

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