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5 Blade Peeler and Grater

5 Blade Peeler and Grater

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People are always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen !

This is why our new 5 Blade Multi Peeler & Grater is a perfect tool to cut your fruits and vegetables safely and in a timely manner.





Why Do I Need This ???



- Includes 5 different blades so you can cut ingredients into different shapes and sizes effortlessly, which brings back a lot more fun in the kitchen !

- Saves huge amounts of time as you can cut vegetables and fruits more swiftly than using kitchen knives.

- This is also a lot safer, as the protective hat which contains the fruit or vegetable keeps your fingers away from any sharp blades.

- The way the ingredients are sliced help keep in the freshness and nutrition.

- Suitable for all types of fruit and vegetables.

- This item is also very Durable as its made with strong ABS material and all blades are stainless steel.

- Very easy to clean and store away.

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